Monday, August 3, 2009

The Cows

At lunch, my coworker brought in a big juicy hamburger from Wendy's and started eating it.

After viewing the life changing documentary that caused me to never look at food the same way, FOOD INC. I was glad I wasn't the one eating that hamburger.

I have no desire to eat this kind of fast food again.

OK, Yesterday I explained a little about the chickens. Today, it's the cows turn.

There are close links between the big food corporations and the government regulatory agencies.

This has resulted in the government's ability to keep the price of corn low, which is a significant ingredient of almost every food item imagineable.

Corn is cheap food for cattle; however, cows have evolved to eat grass and the corn is making them sick. Their diseases are treated with antibiotics, which produce E. coli in their stomachs.

The mass produced cows move through the slaughterhouses so quickly that contamination occurs easily.

So the meat is ground up all together and washed with ammonia. The company said that 90% of our beef is being produced this way.

I never realized what I was putting into my body! Who wants to eat cow shit?

Visit some of your local fast food joints and there is a pretty decent chance you will.

Oh, but don't worry, it's been treated with - what was that, ammonia? Not sure I got my science right here. Go see the film for yourself.

Here is the social action networking sight for this, takecharge,com!

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